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Views from Days Past

The following pictures are from the Society's collection of original photographs which can be viewed in person at the mansion at any open house day or by special appointment . These few photos are from ca. 1900.

Haldeman Mansion:

This wonderful old photograph affords a view of the Haldeman Mansion in all it's glory. The porch as shown on the photo will not be reproduced. 

With the gracious work of the HMPS and the continual support of it's members, contributors and local community, the mansion's glory days will once again shine on, in the days yet to come.

Grist Mill:

Built by John and Maria Haldeman in about 1800 to replace their earlier 1790 mill. The first having burnt down, they decided to enlarge the building. It was later owned by John's son Henry, who operated it until he passed it down to Cyrus S.

Haldeman. This very large beautiful building no longer exists at Locust Grove. At this point, this is the only known photo of the grist mill. The Grist Mill – photo is c 1904

Haldeman Cemetery:

This is the original cemetery were John and Maria Haldeman and many of their offspring and families were interred. The grave yard was removed from this spot because the local stone quarry had threatened it during the early 20th century.

This cemetery is now located not far from the original site and is near the mansion, where they are lovingly honored in this quiet spot owned by the Haldeman Family Trust.

Locust Grove Distillery:

Built by John and Maria Haldeman before 1800 to replace their original distilling process which was done in the lower part of their nearby mill. It should be noted the upper story and chimney were not erected with the original building. This may have been added by the Haldeman heirs, or by other later investors.

This photo was contributed by Mr. Henry B. Haldeman and his wife, Audrey.

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