Volunteer Opportunities

We need volunteers to serve on the Special Events Committee
for the 2012 Centennial Celebration and Samuel Haldeman’s
200th year Birthday Party. Your help at these events aids the
HMPS in preserving the Mansion.

You can also HELP the Mansion in other ways

Serve on an event committee
- by helping to plan a special event, prepare or
distribute news about the event or gathering materials to conduct the event.

Help at events
- by serving food, collecting money, directing parking, giving tours,
setting up or putting away chairs, tables or tents.

Donate food items for events
- there are always costs for the food and beverages sold
at events. The more of these that are items donated, the more money for HMPS.

Help paint
- the interior and exterior of the mansion and summerhouse. These
buildings need ongoing protection from the elements and from wear and tear.

Carpentry Repairs
- requiring expertise and quality craftsmanship are always
appreciated both inside and out of the Mansion. The needs of an older home will
present themselves with the passage of time and help fixing these problems is
often needed.

Do other repairs
- ongoing maintenance always reveals something that needs to be
mended or repaired in the area of Plumbing, heating, electrical, etc.

Help with cleaning
- inside especially during Spring and Fall Housecleaning days. Dusting,
washing windows, cleaning the floors & trim - things just get dirty and need to be

Clean up the yard and grounds
- especially in the spring, removing the debris leftover
from winter and after storms pass through.

Help edit or write articles the for newsletter
- by reporting on upcoming events or
recapping those that have taken place, This Place Matters articles, submitting

Do research & help do exhibits
- the information that we present to the public must
be accurate. HMPS should have a complete, searchable reference to Sam and the

Help write grant requests
- dotting the I’s, crossing the T’s and compiling the
information in the requested way to help the Mansion be awards funding for its

Serve as Volunteer contact - you call volunteers to schedule working hours.


Support HMPS